A Day Out with the Rapha Health Institute

Recognizing the importance of play and work-life balance, staff members of the Rapha Health Institute took time off from their busy schedules to enjoy a relaxing day out of the office last August 5. Held at the Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay Rizal, the Rapha Health Institute day out was packed with games and activities that encouraged the staff members to relax and have fun.

The one-day trip allowed the Rapha Health Institute staff members to meet and mingle with The Healthy Life Clinic staff, who were also in attendance. The participants indulged a friendly game of relay race. Both groups enjoy the game and more importantly, learned the importance of preparation and teamwork. The second game had the staff of the two clinics mixed to form two groups. This allowed the members get to know each other better and establish camaraderie. The winners of the games were awarded with prizes from Drs. Cris and Linda Enriquez.

Following the games were even more fun, as participants were allowed to go off on there own and swim in the resort’s swimming pools. Others had an adventurous afternoon, riding a zip line and going off-road in ATVs. The more musically inclined ones sung their hearts out at the karaoke.

After countless photo ops with jump shots and wacky poses, the Rapha Health Institute staff members headed back to Manila, all rested and ready to face another busy day helping people achieve good health and long life.

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