Not Everything Comes with Aging

Dr.-Angela-AlbertHow often have we heard the phrase “I guess it’s part of aging” used to explain different symptoms such as joint pains, insomnia, loss of libido, depression and fatigue? A lot of people actually believe, accept, and worse still, expect these as part of growing old. To a certain extent and physiologically speaking, it is true, but people nowadays are starting to experience these and other discomforts earlier than “expected”.

Today’s modern and hectic lifestyle, the deteriorating nutrient value of our food sources, poor air quality, genetics and constant or prolonged stress can all contribute to earlier onset of senescence or our body’s deterioration that comes with aging.

Although our life span has increased compared to a few decades ago, the quality of life of our population is not necessarily better. A large percentage are on some type of maintenance medication, they have chronic pain which are occasionally debilitating and some have emotional or behavioral changes that can be quite disconcerting to family and friends.

In our practice here at Rapha Health Institute, we have helped a lot of patients overcome a myriad of symptoms related to aging, and we approach this with a variety of treatments. We have middle-aged women complaining of vaginal dryness and painful sexual intercourse. Using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, she reported a significant improvement in her sex life.

We have an elderly female who had repeated bouts of flu throughout the year. After undergoing intravenous therapies with chelation, hydrogen peroxide and vitamin infusions, together with bioidentical hormones, she has not been sick since and was even strong enough for a month-long trip to China.

We have a patient who experiences chronic, unexplained fatigue. After numerous work-ups and different sorts of treatment done at other institutions, she finally tried Rapha Health Institute. She started Ondamed therapy as well as our other programs. She reported that she is now more active and can go back to her previous activities like biking and working out. Even our food supplements, together with following certain dietary and lifestyle guidelines, have helped patients with prostate issues, difficulty sleeping, reflux disease, fatty liver, constipation and stress.

I strongly encourage everyone to visit us for a consultation. Whatever stage of life you are in, whether you are currently experiencing these symptoms or if you want to prevent diseases and basically live healthier, Rapha Health Institute has something for you. We believe that some things in life should not just come with aging.

– Angela A. Albert, M.D.

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