Angela Arellano Albert, M.D.

Longevity and Lifestyle Medicine, Rapha Health Institute

Medical Background:

  • Medical School – De La Salle University College of Medicine – 2002
  • BS Nursing – De La Salle University – 1997 with honors

Licensure Examinations:

  • Medical License, Professional Regulation Commission – August 2003
  • NCLEX – RN – State of California, USA, March 2007
  • Nurse Licensure Exam, PRC – May 1997

Postgraduate Courses and Training:

  • Introduction to TCM Acupuncture for Pain Management – June 2013
  • TCM Acupuncture for Common Community Diseases – June 2013
  • Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment – California, USA, Nov 2011
  • Cancer Chemotherapy and Biotherapy – California, USA, May 2011
  • ACLS – American Heart Association, California, USA
  • BLS for health provider – American Heart Association, California, USA
  • Basic EKG Interpretation – California, USA, May 2009
  • Telemetry COurse – California, USA, March 2009
  • Training on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Explosions – California, USA, March 2008
  • Non-violent crisis intervention – California, USA, May 2007
  • Medical Internship, Veterans Memorial Medical Center – 2002-2003
  • Medical Staff at Rapha Health Institute

To assist clients to develop optimal health and longevity through proprietary programs that include, but not limited to, nutritional and intravenous therapies, stress management, herbs, vitamins and supplements, lifestyle modification and electromagnetic field homoeostasis using wave medicine of Ondamed therapy. For people with hormonal deficiencies for both male and female, we only use safe and effective plant-based bio-identical hormones and not the synthetic hormones that are frothed with unnecessary and sometimes fatal side effects. These are good for people with PMS, menopause and erectile dysfunction, etc.