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A few months ago I put out an article on Florida. One of the people that enthusiastically e-mailed me was a doctor Cris Enriquez. He was elated because the picture of Florida that we ran had a view of a condominium in which he lived. He also said in his e-mail that he had a clinic and was into natural-based anti-aging.

Intrigued, I called him up and ended up visiting his clinic on the fifth floor of Greenbelt 5. It’s just beside this multi-awarded eyebrow place — which my sister had been raving about. I ended up going to the eyebrow place, and then found a really good salon (Studio Fix) nearby owned by Ben Chan and managed by Alex Carbonnel. He does great hair dying. Interesting person: a philosophy major turned really good hairdresser.

Anyway, back to health. At Rapha Medical Clinic I first did a series of tests. They have a machine called Ondomed that transmits electromagnetic frequencies and is able to assess various levels of the state of one’s health. They took blood tests to assess my hormonal levels. I am turning senior this year so my hormonal levels were low, within range but low. He wanted to bring it up to youthful levels.

I decided to go for it: a two-month program wherein he assured me of vibrant health. What helped me make the decision was a call I made to Cory Quirino who I had heard had done the program. Cory was a year ahead of me in high school. She has a radio program on DZMM. Our families were friends so I felt comfortable talking to her. She was effusive about the results. She said it addressed her mood swings and clarity of mind. She was effusive about his hormone replacement therapy. After making sure it was not animal hormones (I don’t like the idea of putting animal hormones in me), I went for it. Dr. Enriquez adds that his clinic is the only one using plant-based bio-identical hormones in the Philippines, which is effective with no known adverse or side effects.

Another factor in my decision was the doctor himself. When I asked him how old he was and he said over 70, I was surprised! He didn’t look it and more importantly he didn’t feel it. (I feel people’s energy.) The doctor felt totally healthy and upbeat. If you push for health procedures and you look sickly, it doesn’t make for good marketing. Well, this doctor makes for good marketing for whatever he is “pushing.” In addition to that he has written several books and has won seven awards from the American Medical Association.

Today is the finale of my two-month sessions here. It needed a real commitment to come here since I live and work in Quezon City, and Greenbelt seemed to me like the “other side of the world.” The good news is that Dr. Enriquez will soon be setting up clinic in Quezon City as well — maybe somewhere in Banawe.

Two months. What has this been like? I go on this machine called the Ondamed. I am quite healthy and full of energy, so the dramatic effects of machines are not easily felt on me because I am already well. However, just before the beginning of the two-month treatment, I had a bike accident and injured my right shoulder. I had to go to Florida for my son and the acupuncture at the hotel helped. However, it still ached to the point of my not being able to sleep on my right side.

The Ondamed is amazing because now the pain is totally gone. I thought I would have to resign myself to this for the rest of my life. I am so pleased that I can function and sleep normally. The Ondamed has a slew of many other health benefits. It must work because to use it one has to reserve way ahead of time.

So I go on the Ondamed, and I also do Chelation. This is a process wherein through a drip, all toxins are eradicated from the body. I have friends who do this regularly and they are strong in their support of the process. It was familiar terrain. What would happen is that I am so busy so the time in the clinic allowed me time to answer e-mail, make my articles, plan, and even doze off which I probably needed. By the time the chelation was over I barely noticed it. The time just flies.

Dr. Enriquez also gave me testosterone and progesterone cream that had to be applied daily. I took cortisone pills and a capsule at night, which led to very deep sleep.

I stuck to the regimen religiously. I figured if I am going to do something I might as well do it right.

I am pleased to let you know that doing things well pays off. In the blood tests he showed me this afternoon, it seems like I am going to live 120 years! Meaning to say my hormonal levels are like that of a young person. Even more importantly I feel good. From a low of 60, my estradiol has zoomed to 298. My progesterone, first measured at 2, is now 25.10 (which is like that of a young person) and my testosterone is 1.4, which is like a young person and I am way into post-menopause. In other words, the regimen works!

I particularly like this doctor because of his focus on natural processes. Instead of calcium he asked me to take yoghurt daily. I’ve added guyabano to my diet and I’ve found that together with yoghurt, it is very yummy! He is also a strong advocate of celery, kamote and saba. For me taking things naturally makes lots of sense. Well, if it works, it works. According to my blood tests, it works.

When I met him, Dr. Enriquez gave me a book called Breakthrough by Suzanne Somers. It was on theNew York Times Bestseller list. The message of the book resonated with me. In sum: the eight steps to wellness could also sum up the health regimen of Rapha Medical Clinic.

  1. Get Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy;
  2. Avoid chemicals and detoxify your body;
  3. Take nutrition seriously;
  4. Create a healthy GI tract;
  5. Avoid pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary;
  6. Supplement your diet;
  7. Exercise regularly;
  8. Get proper sleep.

My only addition to the above would be the importance of one’s inner life. My experience in my life is that spirituality (one’s inner life) has great health implications and vice versa. When one is healthy there is a direct effect on one’s spirituality.

So if you are interested in aging gracefully, go to Greenbelt 5. Go to Rapha, pass by the Brow House right beside and on your way to the escalator make an appointment with Alex Carbonel.

Here are the contact details of Rapha Health Center: 0915-8232756 / 757-3335. You may also e-mail Dr. Cris Enriquez at [email protected]

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