Defy aging with bio-identical hormones

MANILA, Philippines – A top Filipino doctor who had founded a hugely successful clinic in Florida specializing in helping patients defy aging with the pioneering use of “bio-identical hormones” has decided to come home and set up shop in Manila.

Dr. Cris Enriquez, founder of the Rapha Health Institute in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, says that his professional homecoming to Manila was a longed-for dream that finally came true when his US partners gave him leave, and allowed him to set up his own clinic in the Philippines.

“I ‘m happy to be home. I love the Philippines,” enthuses Enriquez.

Enriquez, who opened his Rapha Health Institute Clinic at the fourth floor of Greenbelt 5 last July, said that having practised and healed people of different nationalities in the retirees’ paradise state of Florida, he was excited to bring this kind of medicine to his countrymen.

“After a successful practice in the US, I’m happy now to help my fellow Filipinos attain longevity and defy aging,” vows Enriquez.

He sternly asserts that people do not have to exhibit signs of aging as they get on in years. “Aging is not normal,” Enriquez stresses. “Aging is a disease.”

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Enriquez holds the distinction of being the only doctor worldwide to be an expert in four medical specialties namely, internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonary medicine and radiology from Yale University, Baylor University Medical Center, Hospital of St. Raphael and the University of Miami. He believes that the unwelcome signs of aging that we suffer are mainly the result of hormonal imbalances that are left undetected and untreated.

These hormonal imbalances, says Enriquez, are treated at Rapha Health Institute with “bio-identical hormones.”

Dr. Cris’ wife and proud fellow Rapha Health Institute healer Dr. Linda explains that bio-identical hormones are held to be more effective than natural and synthetic hormones.

Dr. Linda elaborates that bio-identical hormones, like natural hormones, are derived from plants which set them apart from synthetic hormones, which the couple agrees are harmful to people.

“The medical community is trying to shy away from that,” Dr. Cris shares.

But unlike natural hormones which Dr. Linda dismisses as only two to three percent effective as synthetic hormones, bio-identical hormones are as effective if not more effective than synthetic hormones.

“Bio-identical hormones are also derived from plants but compounded specifically according to the patient’s hormonal level. The effect is very powerful,” notes Dr. Linda.

The Rapha Health Institute’s approach of addressing hormonal problems in helping their patients enjoy longevity, Dr. Cris notes, was even proving to be holistic since identifying hormonal imbalances, and treating them, also leads to the treatment of other common health problems.

Dr. Cris points out that the common health problem for many aging men, erectile dysfunction, was just one of these problems. “We’re really excited to bring bio-identical hormones to Filipinos,” declares Dr. Cris.

With just a few months of seeing happy patients, Dr. Cris says that they’re happy to have finally made the move back home.

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