Fruits that should be taken by a cancer patient

The Healthy Life Cancer Diet – Food:

  • Absolutely no meat – no pork, beef chicken, turkey.
  • 2-3x a week, patient may have some fish, especially cold-water fish like wild salmon, halibut, cod, mackerel, sardines, lapu-lapu, dalagang bukid or snapper. NO shrimps, lobsters, crabs, clams, oysters or scallops. Fish must be wild and NOT farmed-raised.
  • Protein sources:
    • Chicken Eggs (3-minute soft-boiled, 2x a day)
    • Raw Liver – Powerful therapeutic effect, 3-5 tablespoons a day
    • Seeds and Nuts (no peanuts), Whole Grain, Nut Butter (like almond or cashew) and beans sprouted seeds
    • Raw goat’s milk
  • Take raw Vegetable Juice daily (like Carrots and Celery). Eat raw vegetable salad, preferably ORGANIC.
  • Consume ONLY whole grain cereals and bread
  • No dairies like cow’s milk, cheese and/or butter. Patient may have coconut milk
  • No soy milk or soy products.
  • No fruits except berries (black or blueberry, raspberry, strawberry).
  • No fruit juices.
  • No corn or white potato but patient may eat sweet potatoes or kamote
  • Definitely no processed food, no canned food, no vinegar
  • No white rice, no sugar, no sweeteners, no MSG or Magic Sarap type
  • No coffee nor chocolate drinks, Soft drinks and alcohol not allowed as well
  • May take herbal tea, preferably organic
  • Use only Extra Virgin Olive or Coconut Oil. Discard all other oils
  • Use sea salt or rock salt but no white or iodized salt

On cookware, we encourage that you use glassware like Pyrex or Corning Ware. We discourage the use of Aluminum cooking utensils.

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