I have been diagnosed to be hypertensive and diabetic

I am Janette Garcia Barraca, 56 years old. I have been diagnosed to be hypertensive and diabetic and have been suffering from chest pains for 3 months. I was taking Nitrate as prescribed by my Cardiologist. I would get temporary relief but I felt that the pain would increase in frequency. My Cardiologist prescribed ECG, 2D Echo 24-hour Holter Monitoring SESTAMIBI and Coronary Angiogram.

The result of these painful and expensive tests showed CAD and Severe 3-vessel Disease. My Cardiologist then recommended an Emergency Coronary Bypass which I refused to undergo. At that point, I decided to try Chelation Therapy, which is a non-invasive procedure.

I came to Rapha Health in a wheelchair. The good doctors recommended 50 sessions of their IV Treatment. They pegged that after the 25th session I would walk and feel the difference from when I started. True enough, after my 21st session, I was able to walk on my own without any assistance. I have also stopped taking Nitrate.

First of all I would like to thank God and next to all the people at Rapha Health for their patience and untiring care. Now I always refer Rapha Health to my family and friends as an act of gratitude.

-Janette Garcia Barraca

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