Priscilla Vivas

I started experiencing weird symptoms September of 2012. I was always tired, couldn’t sleep, my headaches worsened and I developed nerve problems, burning tongue and buzzing sensations in my head. The palpitations became frequent as well as the anxiety attacks. There were times I would cry for no reason at all or would be depressed a minute and mad the next. When I consulted my doctor then, I was told that I was too young to experience peri-menopause. By year-end of 2012, I had the worst dizzy spells that left me in bed the whole time. I also felt “hot flashes.” So I knew then, it is my crazy hormones.

I told myself, I have to get help. And help I got from Rapha Health Institute. The capable doctors and reassuring nurses listened to me and cared for me. They explained to me what I was experiencing. I started with the Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy right away. I am slowly but surely finding my “mojo” back.

Ladies out there, I know its hard to talk about this “phase” of our lives but you need not suffer the AWFUL symptoms that hormonal imbalance bring. There is help! Allow Rapha Health to help you.

Now, after 7 months of BHRT, I am a new version of “me!”. Thank God.

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