So how can one have a long and healthy life?

I often get questions on my show, The Healthy Life, on how one can have a long and healthy life. If you ask someone else this, you might get the usual answer – eat healthy, exercise, and have a healthy lifestyle. While I agree these three are important in order to have a long and healthy life, we need to realize and fully understand that we are triune beings, comprised of spirit, soul, and body. True health involves all three elements of the person, not just one. We need to look at the whole person and make decisions that healthfully affect spirit, soul, and body.

So if someone says you need to eat healthy, exercise, and have a healthy lifestyle, all you are really taking care of is the body. We need to consider also the spirit and the soul.

The spirit is the most important element of our beings, as well as the most readily satisfied. Healthy spirits are those that are in tune with God, those that hunger and thirst after righteousness and seek fulfillment only in the Lord. Jesus Christ has already paved the way for the health of our spirits. He offers full spiritual life to us as a gift, and we must simply accept that gift.

The second part of our beings, the soul, is comprised of the mind, heart, emotions, and will. Since our souls often crave after things that are harmful for both our spirits and our bodies, they can be difficult to satisfy. We must allow the Holy Spirit to transform our souls so tat they hunger after things that are pleasing to God. We must seek to know God’s will for us in all areas of our lives. Until a person’s soul is renewed, that person will have a hard time making sincere, long-lasting changes to improve his or health.

So how can one have a long and healthy life? Take care of not just the body, but also our spirit and soul.

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