The Rapha Health Institute welcomes new experts

The Rapha Health Institute is proud to welcome three new experts to its family!

Dr. Angela Arellano Albert joins the Rapha Health Institute as its new doctor, evaluating and managing patients receiving Ondamed therapy. Asuncion Go and Lowella Capalad Sy are in charge of compounding prescribed drugs in the institute’s Ortigas office.

Dr. Angela’s interest in complementary, integrative, and preventive medicine make her a perfect fit for the Rapha Health Institute. She studied at the De La Salle University Health Sciences Institute and worked as a registered nurse in California, USA for 5 years, before returning to the Philippines to practice as a medical doctor in alternative cancer therapy and hyperthermia. She has also received training in acupuncture from INAM, Philippines.

Asuncion and Lowella both have experience as pharmacists, with Asuncion previously working at an audio clinic and a pharmacist in a drug store. Lowella has experience working as St. Luke’s clinical pharmaceutical evaluator, giving recommendations for patient’s medicines.

All three envision the clinic to expand and grow, with several branches all over the metro and even all over the country. They are excited to work for the Rapha Health Institute and help patients achieve good health for a long life.

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