Yes, there’s an anti-aging heart doctor in the house


MANILA, Philippines – Most of the stories we hear about heart attacks run along the same lines: A sudden event, totally unexpected, happening to someone so young and full of life. Surprisingly, heart attacks are caused by something that can be prevented quite easily: clogged arteries.

The food we eat, the lifestyle we keep, and the environment we live in are just some of the factors that cause calcium, cholesterol, fibrous tissue, and other elements to build up in our blood vessel walls that eventually causes our arteries to harden and our blood vessels to clog. A clog in the heart results in a heart attack. In the brain, it leads to a stroke. In the kidneys, it causes renal failure or high blood pressure. In our extremities, it brings severe pain and even gangrene that can end up in an amputation. Over time, our arteries are hardened by even more toxic heavy metals — aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium, and others.

Many people turn to pills or go under the knife to prevent a heart attack. But anti-aging cardiologist Dr. Cris Enriquez, MD, FAAC says that more often than not, the answer to preventing and reversing diseases is unclogging the arteries and allowing blood to circulate throughout the body.

At Rapha Health, the anti-aging institute he set up together with his wife Dr. Linda Enriquez in the late 2010, Doc Cris administers chelation therapy.

Chelation therapy is a safe and effective process of removing toxic materials from the body. It involves the intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals, and EDTA, a synthetic amino acid that helps restore circulation by removing toxic heavy metals in our hardened arteries. It is a safe and non-surgical procedure that has been used by over a million people in the last quarter century without a single death attributed to it.

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